Meet the 2019 HOODOO Mural

Festival Mural Locations

Malcomb Byers
Excited to announce Malcolm Byers will be painting in this year's festival! Malcolm is a local artist from Amarillo known for his large scale portrait and figurative paintings. We are happy to have him a part of the HOODOO team!
Emily Ding
We are thrilled to confirm our first artist to be painting at the festival, Emily Ding. Emily, originally from Houston, TX, has been painting all over the world in the past few years. Emily paints with colorful palettes and gradients, combined with unique texture and technique to create realistic subjects. Emily often applies a narrative and storytelling aspect to her work, creating nothing less than beautiful works of art.
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Sandra Fettingis
Sandra Fettingis has confirmed her spot in this year's festival! Sandra will be coming down from Denver, CO, although born and raised in Chicago. Sandra's work is driven by form & material and site. Using delicate and bold shapes and purposely restrained color palettes, Sandra creates clean, formulated pattern work.
Jerod (DTOX) Davies
Jerod (DTOX) Davies is a multifaceted artist raised in Dallas, TX. Jerod has an extremely versatile range of work through mediums, surface, and style. Using vibrant colors and compositions of no limit, Jerod creates mind-bending works of art that could be described as "futuristic."
Ms.Yellow (Nuria Ortiz)
Ms.Yellow (Nuria Ortiz) is a self-taught international muralist, artist, and craftswoman. Born in Long Beach, Ca of Mexican descent, she has dedicated her life to the creative development and empowerment of community and youth through direct engagement. Her artwork and murals have been displayed​ in museums, galleries, and streets throughout the United States and around the world such as Egypt, Japan, Spain, France, Australia, and Mexico.
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Blank Spaces Murals
Blank Spaces is a student-run art gallery and mural group. Our goal is to invest in the youth of our area by offering greater access to the Creative Arts and providing opportunities to participate in large-scale civic beautification through murals.
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