Get to know HOODOO 

HOODOO Mural Festival is a celebration of public art in the heart of Amarillo.

About Us

The HOODOO Murals will create an outdoor public art gallery that features our city in a vibrant and unique way.


Our goal is to fund HOODOO Mural Festival privately. With the support of our community, artists will be paid; the cost of paint and other materials will be covered; and future Walls will be donated.

The HOODOO Mural Festival is housed under Center City of Amarillo and the Amarillo Cultural District as designated by the Texas Commission on the Arts.  Center City is a 501©3 organization. Donations to the Hoodoo Mural Festival will be tax-exempt. 

Committee Chairs

The HOODOO Mural Festival is co-chaired by Andrew and Lauren Hall and Katt and Shelby Massey. The co-chairs and committee have a passion for art, Amarillo and downtown, which led to the creation of the festival. 

About Center City

Center City of Amarillo is a Texas Main Street City and is accredited by the National Main Street Center.  Center City is located at 1000 S. Polk St., in Amarillo’s historic downtown. Beth Duke is executive director of Center City of Amarillo.